Well It’s Just Around the Corner…

“I listened to one hypnosis session once years ago and didn’t become a millionaire with a gorgeous wife and family living the life of my dreams!”

Despite what some advertising might suggest that was NEVER going to all happen after listening to one hypnosis session just once, right!

Life is a continuing adventure, it goes on and on and doesn’t stop… until it ends!

And all the way through it should be FUN.

You should be enjoying what you do. Enjoying the way you spend your time, and who you spend your time with. And the areas of your life that you are not enjoying as much as you know you should be, you need to change.

And it’s simple with:

  • A Definite Plan
  • Efficient Action
  • And a mindset focused on how far you have come and what you are working towards.

Going to the gym once isn’t going to sort you out for the rest of your life. Neither is going to the gym achieving the result you want then stopping!

That’s obvious right.

And personal transformation is just the same.

And that’s a good thing. Because your personal transformation is created by:

  • Spending time with people who raise your energy and are good for you
  • Smiling, laughing and having FUN
  • Meditation and Hypnosis
  • Psychological tools, like the techniques from NLP
  • Exercise
  • And many more things… that can be enjoyable


Choose the things you enjoy most and do more of them.

In the Book Longevity Secrets that I co-authored several years ago we advocate eating more of the healthy foods that you LOVE the taste of.

The list included things like Strawberries (full of antioxidants), Almonds (high in Vitamin E), Cacao (many benefits), etc, you get the idea. There is a huge list of foods and super foods that you already like… so eat more of them.

The easier and more fun things are the more you will do them.

Now 2016 is just around the corner and its New Year’s Resolutions time!

So What is the Secret to Creating New Year Resolutions You Are Going to Keep?

Let face it most people fail to keep their New Year resolutions. Why? Because they choose things that they don’t really want to do!

They decide (sometimes with a hangover on New Year’s Day) to stop drinking EVER again! Or to start going to the gym when they haven’t done any exercise since school.

They set big ambitious goals that they don’t really want to do.

How about if you set some New Year Resolutions that are good for you, that you LOVE doing!

Being More Social: Going out for dinner with friends at least once a month.

Being More Healthy: Eating more super foods that you love & Exercising… the fun way 😉

Relaxing More: Taking a bath, making more time for meditating etc.

Being Self-Full: Making more time for YOU. Let’s face it you are AMAZING that’s why everyone wants so much of your time! Give some to yourself in 2016.

You Get the Idea.

Making New Year’s Resolutions that You Look Forward to Planning and Doing Are the Ones You Will Keep!

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