Peak Power Hypnosis Coaching Call 21st Nov 2014

Welcome to the first of many Peak Power Academy Coaching Calls.

Before the call we carried out a small survey and discovered that the majority of our members wanted help with getting better health, more energy and motivation to be able to reach their goals.

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On this call you will hear our best tips for getting help in those areas and more. You will discover some bonus energy boosting health hacks from Niraj and even some powerful NLP techniques from John Vincent that compliments what you already find inside the full Peak Power Hypnosis program.

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Peak Power Hypnosis is split into 5 steps:

Rest - for health/energy/rejuvenation.

Confidence - for having supreme self confidence in any situation.

Creativity - for becoming an inspired creative thinker.

Motivation/Action - to be able to complete your goals and reach you dream life targets.

Removing Bad Habits - to refine you character and eliminate limiting bad habits and negative beliefs.

It is the only system in the world that is carefully designed to help you reach any dream life target that have using the latest mind reprogramming techniques, time and money saving life hacks and habit forming exercises that ingrain good habits deep into your unconscious. So that you are hard wired for success on autopilot!

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