Fathead… what is Mental Exercise?

Brain is weightlifting againOur brains are made of mainly ‘fats’ and water.
We have fatheads!

And just like the fat in our bodies the fat in our head is ‘flabby’ without exercise…

There are numerous studies about the benefits of keeping an active mind. From helping to stave off dementia to increasing longevity. Good mental health is a good thing to have.

And as well as being good for your health, mentally ‘exercising’ your brain can also help you get more of what you want in life.

Exercises for your mind like solving crossword puzzles and sudoku are good for increasing your problem solving abilities, especially with words and numbers. For results like: being more confident, motivated, happy and so on… you need to do more specific ‘Mental Exercises’.

A client I had once said to me that he found it difficult to meet people and talk to them because of low self-esteem and confidence…

We spoke a little about what having more confidence would give him and how great it would be. Then I turned the conversation to exercise and asked him how much time he spent playing sports, working out, how he spent his time keeping fit.

“An hour in the gym each morning, I play tennis twice a week and like to go for cycle rides at the weekend…”

He totalled it up and said about 15 hours a week. Great I said and enquired if he thought his life would be better off without doing any exercise? He couldn’t imagine a life without working out and exercising, he said that he enjoyed doing it and felt fitter and happier because of it.

I said to him, so that must make you feel better in yourself? Of course he replied yes. I asked him how much better would he like to feel in other areas, for example more creative and artistic, more self-assured and confident, happier in relationships, personally and at work?

And of course there were many areas of his life that he wanted to improve. Then I asked him how much time did he spend doing Mental Exercise?

After a little shock and confusion about the fact that there were formalised mental exercises that can be done to attain specific results, he returned the answer ‘none’.

“What would happen if you did?” I inquired…

And that means deliberately committing to making the time each day for at least a month to assess how successful you can be because of doing mental exercises…

Well his mind was blown and he agreed.

While we know that spending an hour in the gym each day under the supervision of a personal trainer is likely to help you gain result you want…

If you spend an hour a day learning about a subject after a few months or years you would know a lot about that subject… again this is obvious.

Someone who is really ‘stressed out’ and starts meditating for 30 minutes a day will obviously become calmer and more relaxed. Even after just one month of meditating the physical symptoms of stress on the body would be reduced, the feelings of being stress would be significantly lessened. A positive result.

Doing mental exercise helps you get what you want… So what do you want more of?

There is a huge list of words you can pick to describe your emotions from self-assured to motivated; or spiritually connected to being better at socialising and networking; heart centered or passionate. It’s an overwhelming choice of thousands and thousands of options…

“What do you want?”

It becomes hard to choose when the catalogue has so, so many things you want, well you aren’t limited to just one thing…

To achieve anything you need a solid foundation and to start doing mental exercises.

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Either way doing simple mental exercises for your brain can help you get more of what you want…

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