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    If you have problems downloading our products, please try a different browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer

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Help with Peak Power Hypnosis Products

  • I cannot download the files on to my computer.

Please try a different browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. The files are very large as they are the highest quality audio possible, so please make sure that you have an adequate speed internet connection and enough space on your hard drive.

  • I cannot open or play the downloaded files.

Please be aware that the files are zipped as they are very large in size and so need to be compressed. You can use a software like winzip (for PCs) and it should automatically unzip the files if you are using a MAC when you click on it.

You can then transfer the files straight into iTunes or your media player to play the files.

How to unzip for MAC users:

How to unzip for PC users:

  • How do I play the tracks on my iPod or iPhone?

This video will give you a quick tutorial on how to do this.

Questions About Peak Power Hypnosis

  • When should I not be using Peak Power Hypnosis?

Please DO NOT listen to this session while you are driving your car or operating machinery. Please consult your doctor before using this program if you are have any neurological conditions eg epilepsy, mental health conditions eg depression, psychosis or any other chronic health conditions.

  • How do I get the most benefit from Peak Power Hypnosis audio sessions?

To gain the full benefit of the Peak Power Hypnosis products it is recommend that you listen to it through stereo head phones, making sure that you are lying or sitting comfortably in a safe environment.

  • Are there any side effects of Peak Power Hypnosis?

There are no known side effects to Peak Power Hypnosis and its special Trypnosis system. If for any reason you need to awaken during this process you will do so with a clarity of mind to attend the situation.