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Step 1: Conscious Mind Primer

Imagine your unconscious mind is the hard disk of a bio-computer with its own operating system and software that runs your current life.

You unconscious mind is irrational and deals with habitual behaviors. It cannot distinguish from negative or positive, it just replays programs (habits) loaded into it since your were born.

Your conscious mind deals with rational decision making, it also acts like a filter for all the noise and information that bombards you all day long from your environment.

Your conscious mind hates multitasking and it prefers doing one activity at a time. Under stress and when forced to multitask, as many of us do in this hectic modern times, its ability to protect your unconscious mind from negative information is disrupted.

Sleight of hand magicians and stage hypnotists take advantage of this fact when they distract their subjects and bypass the rational conscious mind planting suggestions into the unconscious.

Your conscious mind is a powerful tool to getting the life you want. When you learn to take control of your conscious mind you can write positive programs into your unconscious mind that form empowered habits.

The Conscious Mind Primer is a powerful 30 minute hypnotic journey designed to speak directly to your conscious mind and to prepare it for the transformation ahead.

This session is designed to prepare your conscious mind to allow your unconscious to be reprogrammed for the key success habits that make up the core components of the Peak Power Hypnosis program

Conscious Mind Primer

Using a smartphone or tablet? Scroll to the bottom of this page for instructions on how to download this mp3.

Step 2 - Mind Restore Sample

This is a sample of the full 40 minute Trypnosis session designed to help you get a healthy nights sleep so you wake up refreshed and energised to take on the new day ahead.

You will find the full version on Level 1 of the Peak Power Hypnosis program. Learn more here

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Mind Restore: Fall into a deep sleep in minutes and have your mind hard-wired for automatic life success from the moment you wake up

Your unconscious mind is responsible for important functions such as your heart rate, your breathing and even your immune system that keeps you healthy and alive. It is literally the hard-disk of a super bio-computer.

Your unconscious mind needs a restart or defrag to clear the clutter, especially when you have been using it a lot and stressing it out.

Mind Restore

40 minutes audio in highest quality MP3 format

Just by listening to one session of Mind Restore you will be able to fall into a deep sleep in minutes.

In addition the specially formulated hypnosis script works its magic while you drift off so that your unconscious mind will be hard-wired for automatic life success from the moment you wake up.

Step 3 - Exercises

1. Watch this quick video created by Peak Power Hypnosis founder, Niraj and pay attention to any thoughts, feelings or new ideas that may arise after watching it.

2. Read Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson - this book is quite deep, but the first chapter alone will completely change your perception of the world and how to take control of it.

Here is thought provoking exercise from the book that the video above is based on.

To understand hardware and software (as applied to the human brain) perform the following meditation:

(In the context of this book, the hardware is your unconscious mind, and the software is all the external influences, information and experiences that program your unconscious hardware.)

Sit in a room where you will not be disturbed for 30 mins and begin thinking, "I am sitting in this room doing this exercise because..." and list as many causes as you can think of.

For instance, you are doing this exercise because obviously you read about it in this book. Why did you buy this book? Did somebody recommend it? How did that person come into your life?

If you just picked up the book in a store, why did you happen to be in just that store that day? Why do you read books of this sort on psychology, consciousness, evolution etc? How did you get interested in these fields? Who turned you on, and how long ago? What factors in your childhood inclined you to be interested in these subjects later?

Why are doing this exercise in your room and not elsewhere? Why did you buy or rent this house or apartment? Why are you in this city and not another? Why this continent and not another? Why are you here at all?

Why did your parents meet? Did they consciously decide to have a child? Do you know? Or were you an accident? What cities were they born in? Why did they move in space-time so that their lives would intersect?

Why is the planet capable of supporting life, and why did it create the kind of life that would be capable of dreaming up an exercize of this sort?

This exercise goes on to ask the same questions about a particular object in your house and it leads to asking a final question - are you the hardware or the software, or both?

The aim of this exercise is to show you how much of your life is the result of external influences and if you learn to take control of them, you can literally create your own perfect life, rather than being dictated by others.

Remember To Reward Yourself After Every Exercise!


Your brain loves rewards.

When you set a goal or an exercise to complete and you know there is a reward if you complete it, your brain starts to release several feel good neurotransmitters. The most important involved is dopamine.

Dopamine is linked with desire. When we achieve something, we get a big dose of dopamine which makes us feel good. When we don’t get what we want, we release stress hormones like cortisol and our dopamine levels fall. This gives us a low mood with less energy to do the things we want.

When you give yourself a reward for completing goals, just thinking about that reward gives you bursts of motivating dopamine.

On the other hand just the feeling a fear of failure will make you produce less dopamine and more stress hormones, giving you an unpleasant feeling.

It is important to pick higher rewards for higher value goals, such as a dream vacation for getting your first income goal with your business or a competitive job promotion.

It is also important to pick rewards that you really want for smaller goals. An example could even be a reward that actually allowed you to complete your goals more efficiently. Such as faster computer, ipad or lap top.

Little daily goals could be rewarded with buying a new music album you like, or night out to see a new film.

Just having a reward to work toward will actually make you more motivated to succeed, and more conscious about avoiding failure.

If you make it a repeat process, your brain will start to associate that large dose of dopamine you get from finally earning that reward with whatever exercise you assigned it to, making you want to do it more often with or without the reward.

This will make completing exercises an empowered habit and more fun to do!

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  • prophet olatunji sunday.

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    I need peakpwer programm becouse I know its my spiritul budy builder.

  • Sabah Kandan

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    I m happy to hear from you about this method
    I hope I can get it by my E mail



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    I am optimistic it will bring spark back into my life…. Hopefully you will send the programm to me quickly!

  • Khaya Grant Nana

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    This works! Wouldn’t mind being part of the program.

  • Kim

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    This is all good and well but when you have very little money to begin with its virtually impossible to even start any of these programs that charge

  • JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

    Reply Reply June 8, 2015

    Cheers. I just found your website by doing a search after listening to you speak on the Project Yourself conference. I already ordered your Mind Restore audio because I liked what you said about how animals can turn off their stress response but humans cannot. I figured this audio would help me turn off my stress response. Thank you for all your work and courage to do the work you do. Peace.

  • Anthony (A.J.) Morin

    Reply Reply August 28, 2015

    I really love hypnosis and have been using different types of hypnosis and so when i saw this I just wanted to have it but as an Unemployed disabled air force veteran I just can’t afford it. I haven’t been able to have any sort of income other than my VA disability, which is really nothing. So, I suggest if you have the opportunity to buy this that you do, because hypnosis can really help you out.

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